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The Government’s recent decision to implement a wider opening of schools, coupled with the demands of implementing social distancing within school, seriously restricts our capacity in staffing and therefore the number of places we are able to offer to critical/key worker children. We have recently seen an increase in demand for the limited number of places we are able to offer, and so, to ensure we are able to offer places on days when they are most needed, it is important when making your application to consider whether:

1) There is anybody else in your household, who could care for your child;

2) Which specific days your child needs to be in school, dependent on your shift pattern/working hours (if you are not at work every day Monday – Friday, and your child is in Years 2, 3, 4 or 5, then they do not need to be in school every day).

To help us collate a weekly list of children who will be in school so we can manage appropriate staffing, we now ask that you complete this form at least 5 days in advance of your requirements, if you feel that you fall into a ‘key worker’ category and you require childcare.

If you require provision, please complete the booking form on the school website for the days you require by the Wednesday at 12.30pm for the following week. This is to ensure we can have appropriate staffing in place. If we do not receive a booking form from you, your child will not have a place allocated. If you are making a new booking you will need to allow 7 days before your son or daughter can attend school.

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  1. Are you a key worker in any of the areas highlighted in the Government guidelines:
    (please remember the guidance states 'if it is possible for children to be at home, then they should be').
Please enter your Name (First name and Surname)
Child/children's names and year groups?
Please specify which days you need childcare for below.
Please make a selection Specific times only
Job title?
Name of employer?
This role qualifies under what Key Worker Sector?
Are you the only person in your household/family who is in a position to look after your child/children?
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